Who We Are

God makes all things beautiful in His time
and He is so unique that He can also do it in peculiar ways.

I’m Anderson from Colombia and…
I’m Janary from the Philippines.

Our love is a testimony of how in the most unexpected way, God makes all things beautiful!

We are both ministers of the Church of the Nazarene.
Currently we are located in Okinawa Japan

Anderson and Janary are currently working at Okinawa Christian School International as Chaplain and Bible Teachers. Janary has a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree from Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS), and Anderson just finished his M.Div at APNTS as well. He is now taking his second Master’s degree and working on his thesis. He is also an avid photographer and you can see some of his pictures here.

Our relationship started in 2010. I felt God calling me for missionary service in Asia and while inquiring on opportunities to study there, I met and fell in love with Janary. For more than a year we kept a long distance relationship as I taught in a Bible school in Argentina and saved enough for my travel to the Philippines. You can read more about our walk of faith in Janary’s blog, and in Anderson’s blog (especially this entry on falling in love with a dancing pastor).

I am still working on my version of falling in love with Anderson. Maybe you can read it here later 😉
As of the moment, you can read my entry on “international love” and enjoy what long distance relationship looks like 😉

Please keep us in prayer as we seek God’s will and give the days of our youth for the sake of God’s kingdom.

We are kind of fun too! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!
We are kind of fun too! Follow us on Twitter (Anderson’s, Janary’s) and Facebook (Anderson’s, Janary’s)!


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