It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hello everyone!

I like countdowns. We have 24 days left before Christmas, and I like that feeling of anticipation. We celebrate this season remembering God is with us; remembering Christ coming into the world, and into our lives. He is always at work, not just during this season, but all year round. Below we will be sharing some stories from us, but make sure to tell us how was your year? We would love to hear stories from you too!

On this update we want to share how God has been working in our lives in the past few months. If you have not read yet the update on the changes we went through and the blessings that went with it, here’s the link to that story. (English, Español)

In August, Anderson took an entrance exam to study Japanese at the University of the Ryukyus here in Okinawa. He had to study very hard so that he could pass and help us save some money. The reason being, language institutes charge double the tuition fee.

Thank you for your prayers because he passed (click here if you want to watch “the Anderson reaction” to the letter that said he passed his entrance exam). He has been studying 6 subjects of Japanese, all taught in that language, since the beginning of October.


He has been super busy with his studies, and has to memorize a lot of new words every day. So if you think of him, please pray for his Japanese to advance fast. The pace of the class is very demanding but Anderson is a really good student, and he loves learning, and I think he is getting better and better with the language. He may not admit it, but, I am just proud of him. 🙂

Being able to speak Japanese is very important for our ministry, so if you feel moved by the Lord to support Anderson’s tuition fee for language study, please click here. We used our savings to cover the expenses of the first semester but still need to figure out how to pay for the next ones.

I, on the other hand, felt so free to focus on the work with the youth in our region. That was difficult to do in previous years having another full-time job, but the Lord’s timing is always perfect.

In August, I had the chance to visit our youth leaders in Northern Thailand for leadership training, and also to spend time with our Field Youth Coordinator Tom, and leaders Pastors Sam and Lumae.

Anderson and I also had the opportunity to visit, preach, and minister to different churches in Tokyo, such as Oyamadai, Fujisawa, Koiwa, and Saitama.

In September, we were able to join the NYI of Japan District for their convention and had the opportunity to share the Word and do workshops. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect to the youth leadership at a national level. We pray the relationships we established there will grow for years to come. If you wish to read the article Anderson wrote about this event, please click here.

Whenever you remember Japan, please specifically pray for the young people in the church. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts so that we would receive power and be His witnesses to non-believers in this country.

In October, I went to the Philippines to facilitate the Mission Encounter, a Cross-Cultural Orientation for our region, together with other missionaries. About 30 people attended this first batch of training. Our desire is to discover, develop, and deploy young leaders and missionaries from the different fields in the region.


Jazz and I also had the chance to meet with the District Advisory Council in Bicol about the possibility of a partnership for planting a church through a volunteer-missionary program called Maximum Mission, creating an opportunity for short-term mission trips to young people in the Philippines and other fields. It was such a blessed time!

On the last week of October, our Regional NYI council met in Singapore for our yearly meeting. It was awesome to hear about each others’ stories from the fields, and encourage each other. Our team is also now complete, as we have all the Field Youth Coordinators from the 6 fields, and the two new District NYI Presidents for Japan and Korea.

Please lift up our work with the young people in the region, and each of these youth leaders.

On the 2nd of November, Anderson and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. Yay! God is so faithful in our marriage, the first three years certainly were full of challenges, but here we are. Please remember our marriage in your prayers, as we are aware that we need a community supporting us as we do our best to be a good testimony of love to those around us and serving the Lord together.

Looking at the super-moon! (And don’t worry, we’re not ghosts, just another of Anderson’s Photo-Tricks).

Thank you for reading our update.

May you be full of hope,
Your heart be filled with peace,
Your home be filled with joy,
and Christ’s love reign in your lives.

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  1. rodkristoff says:

    Godbless you more ate and kuya .. may good news kame 🙂

    1. Janary says:

      Thank you Rod and Jema! So exciting to hear the good news ❤

  2. webmaster562 says:

    Great News! 🙂 Thanks for the update.

    1. Janary says:

      Thank you Erna ❤

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