2 years in Okinawa!

It’s time for updates!

13340223_10157325812100179_204479163412194440_oOn July 7th, 2014, we came to Okinawa to work as chaplains and high school teachers, for Bible and Science, in Okinawa Christian School International. We finished our contract with the school last June 30th and it was surely a memorable experience spending our two years with elementary and high school students!

So what now?


I will now be working full-time as the Regional Youth Coordinator for Asia-Pacific and Ánderson will be studying the Japanese language as we join the work of the Lord here in the Japan District.

It is a blessing to be in a place where the Lord invites us to join Him in His work.

Last year in September, we started attending one of the Japanese churches on the island, Urasoe Church of the Nazarene. The church has been a huge blessing to us as we gained new friends and brothers and sisters in the Lord. They have welcomed us as a family and have taught us a lot about the culture. We are indeed getting a lot of our language practice.


The Lord has also opened up opportunities for us to share His Word, as the pastor has given us a schedule every month to preach. Of course, we have not yet reached the level of Japanese that will allow us to preach in the native language, but God has blessed us with friends that interpret for us. Please pray that we would become fluent soon, so we can start preaching in Japanese. That’s one of our prayer requests. The second is for more opportunities to partner with the Japanese people here in sharing the good news!

Now let’s move on to the praise reports!

We praise the Lord for His faithfulness! We praise Him for who He is and how He reveals himself to me and Ánderson in fresh ways.

Since the school year ended, it has been a very long month of working on our visas, looking for an apartment, packing, cleaning the apartment, and moving to the new apartment.

In order to get our new visas, I needed to go to the Philippines to get a red ribbon on our marriage certificate so that Ánderson can bring it to his embassy in Korea to get another certificate. It was crazy and such a hassle, but we have to trust the process. The Lord does not disappoint as he allowed me to see my family that was visiting the Philippines from the States.
It’s interesting how things are done differently in every country, and I am not surprised anymore at how the Lord uses the “process” in order to create His character in me.
My visa was approved when I came back from the Philippines so it allowed us to start looking for a new apartment. At this point in the story, we were still waiting for Ánderson’s visa.
We looked for hours and hours on about 10 websites in Japanese. We used Google translate, looked at prices, pictures, and the location on the map for an apartment that would fit our budget and also be worth the price. We found one that is even near the beach, and it is a huge blessing how the Lord gave us his favor.
We are thankful for Japanese friends from church that interpreted for us, and how the fudousan, the real estate agent, granted us the opportunity to rent. It took us less than a week from inquiring to signing the contract. They said they would do a background check which would take almost a week but it only took them a few hours to approve me although we were the first foreigners that would actually do this with them; the Lord knows our needs and was gracious to us. He is our home.The Lord has given us rest! 🙂
13738228_10157498618295179_714868636795565775_o (1).jpg
Since we came to OCSI, the school has provided everything in the house, so now, as we move to the new place, we have to start looking for our own furniture and appliances. Ánderson and I had been looking at Bookoo, a website where they buy and sell stuff here, and since we are always late at seeing the good deals, Ánderson took the time to sit down and kept refreshing the page every few minutes. Thus, we were able to see a post that said “free” on a dining table, a sofa, and a bed frame.
We contacted the person immediately and went to the place in order to get these free items, but God surprised us with this military man that was moving out of the country. After he showed us the items he started with, do you have a mattress for the bed? Once he found out that we were moving and did not have pretty much anything, he said we can get his things for free. I kid you not, he gave us virtually everything we needed for the house. I am content. It was just non-stop carrying stuff here and there so I think Ánderson and I grew our muscles after a week. It’s funny because we spent a lot of time on the road, about an hour on the expressway, as we live far from where we used to be. I am just amazed at God’s ways. Let us pray that the Lord would prosper this generous man Nathan!
We are now staying in our new house and working on making it homey, and 3 days ago, we also received Ánderson’s visa. Yay! We have asked for your prayers for our visas and you have joined us in our adventure here in Okinawa, so with a grateful heart, we want to let you know that the Lord has granted us another 3 years to stay in Japan.
I hope that our story has encouraged you today.
We can trust in the Lord even when we don’t understand where he leads us.
He is always doing a new thing.
Are you ready to join Him in this adventure?


If you want to support us and partner with us in our ministry here in Japan and the Asia-Pacific Region, click on this link and follow our site in order to receive updates.

Praying for you!
You are loved!




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