Missions trip in Hokkaido

Last August, Anderson and I went to Hokkaido for a Missions trip.

5 of us from Keystone Church of the Nazarene were sent to Asahikawa, Hokkaido, where Yorokobi Church of the Nazarene is in.


The Church has always hosted a Summer School for Elementary students and about 80 percent of the attendees are from non-Christian families. This event is a way for them to reach the people in their community by teaching English through different activities. It was almost like a Vacation Bible School for us, except that they did not call it that way.

IMG_2095 IMG_2125

We were asked to help in whatever way we could for that week, and that’s what we did.

We danced, did Science projects like the solar system (this is Anderson’s group and they made Saturn);


and we even made our own ice cream.

IMG_2234 IMG_2232

At the end of the week we had an International party and I got to share my testimony and Kendra interpreted for me in Japanese.


It was inspiring that the families of the children that came to summer school attended their international party, and they got the chance to hear about God’s love and see what it is like to be in the church. I know seeds are planted.


While we thought we would go there to share, our team felt like we have received more. And another wonderful thing in this trip was the relationships we have built within our group.

Pastor Tomo was very kind to also show us around, so we got to see the flowers, eat the most delicious ramen, and even go to an onsen (a hot spring, sort of public bath, which could pass for another blog post *wink*),

IMG_2208 IMG_2213 IMG_2221 IMG_2227

We also had their yummy soft ice cream!

It was an amazing time! I was inspired at how Yorokobi Church is really active in making disciples and reaching out this generation.

As soon as we got back to Okinawa, school started again, and this year Anderson and I have new roles.

Aside from being a Bible teacher, I am now the Elementary chaplain

and Anderson, aside from being a Bible teacher, is now a Science teacher.

Vacation time was really great but now we are back to the usual busy schedule.

So please continue to pray for us! and thanks for reading our update.
If you feel led by the Lord to partner with our ministry here in Japan, please click here.

Have a great day and know you are loved!
Ánderson and Janary!


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