Highlights of Our First Year in Japan

Hello everyone,

This is Ánderson. As I started writing this, it was July 7th my birthday! It was also the day that marked our first year in Okinawa, Japan.

As you may guess through the absence of posts, life has been really busy. But I hope you can take a few minutes and see the highlights of our ministry in the past year!

The assignment

Our main assignment is with Okinawa Christian School International (OCSI) a non-denominational Christian school in which about half of the student population are not Christians.

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This is OCSI! Learn more about the school by clicking on the picture

Ánderson worked as a Chaplain and also as a Bible Teacher to the 7th grade and the senior students.

The team at OCSI
The team at OCSI

He also served as a long-term sub for Geography and Science classes and was a speaker in the Middle and High School Camps

Middle School Camp Picture!
Middle School Camp Picture!

Janary worked as a Bible teacher for the Freshmen


and the Sophomores.


She was one of the homeroom teachers of the Juniors


and was also  the Missions Coordinator.

Of course she was also part of the chaplain team and helped with the chapel services for the elementary and secondary school.

Third Wave

Last January, Janary travelled to Costa Rica for the Third Wave conference. This is a global gathering of emerging youth leaders.

Costa Rica Third Wave


16 leaders from the Asia-Pacific Region joined her for a time of leadership development and connection with different youth leaders all over the world.

Third Wave

Anderson’s Ordination

In March Anderson was ordained as an Elder in the Church of the Nazarene in the Japan District Assembly.

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What a blessing to be ordained in the midst of fellow ministers from Japan!

Missions Week

Janary led OCSI’s first Missions week. She had to work for months contacting different ministries and organizations in Okinawa and preparing more than 20 different projects that would involve the students to serve. If you want you can watch the highlights video that the students made about that week.


Keystone Church of the Nazarene

It’s also great to be involved in Keystone Church of the Nazarene where we have been teaching Sunday School. Janary has also been leading the Women’s Bible study since January.



Summer School

Currently both of us are working in summer school. We are enjoying the sun and getting closer to elementary students! It is also such a great time to have some rest and recharge before normal school starts again in August.

Hokkaido Missions trip

This coming August, we will be leading a missions trip to Hokkaido with some members from Keystone Church of the Nazarene. Our team will be helping facilitate an English Camp in partnership with Asahikawa Church of the Nazarene. Your prayers would be appreciated especially as we build relationships and share the good news to the Japanese students in that area.

Hokkaido is Up-North in Japan!


Praise Notes


  • I learned a lot about how to be a teacher in a high school setting.
  • Explained with depth the basis of the Christian life and faith to graduating seniors.
  • Held a regular group for the study of religion with several students.
  • Established good relationships with most of the people at church and work.
  • Taught a significant group of adults at church for several months.
  • Developed a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture and language.


  • I praise God for my teaching ministry at OCSI that has exposed me to young people whom I have come to know and love.
  • The development of our Missions Week at OCSI.
  • A wonderful family and friends at Keystone Church.
  • I finished my study of Japanese 1. I can now speak sentences and understand much more Japanese than when we first came.
  • I praise God for people who remember us, support us, and pray for us!

Prayer Requests:

  • That we will find significant ways to connect and be a testimony to the students we teach the Bible to.
  • Please pray for Janary’s role at the school as Missions Coordinator. That God will show new connections and opportunities to the Middle and High School students this year.
  • Please pray for Anderson’s family, “I have not visited them since 2011 and it will be at least one more year before I can do it. That the Lord may be with them strengthening and guiding them especially now that my sister prepares to go to college.”
  • Please pray for Janary’s role as Regional Youth Coordinator, that God would give the wisdom on how to develop emerging leaders and keep on finding ways to train and encourage the NYI leaders of the region.
  • Opportunities to learn and practice the Japanese language
  • Please pray for opportunities to communicate the gospel to the Japanese people.
  • Our growing relationships with Japanese people, though language is an obstacle, we have managed to get to know some people, please pray that these relationships will flourish into transforming bonds.
  • For God to guide us to people whom we can disciple and grow in faith with.
  • Pray for God to show us his vision for our ministry and ways to maximize our gifts and talents.

Consider supporting our ministry

If you feel led by the Lord to support our ministry here in Japan, please click here. We know that we are all part of God’s mission and at this time God is using us to be his witnesses to people who, in many cases, have not even heard his name. Your prayers and support are all part of God’s Kingdom work.

We are truly blessed to have you as our partners. Thanks for your time reading our update and may the Lord fill your hearts with His love, grace, and peace!

Ánderson and Janary!

p.s.: Don’t worry I already shaved! 😀





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  1. Galing! As always, I am encouraged and blessed! 🙂 Thank you. ❤

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