The Calm before the Storm

Time has gone by really fast and today marks our first month since we came here to Okinawa.
The news says storm is coming, but I look outside and it is actually a beautiful day.

The past two weeks have been beautiful and calm days for us. Anderson and I call it the calm before the storm. We have 12 days left before classes start and we can see the busy days on the horizon.

This week, we have been attending the new missionary teachers’ training, and we were taught how to create our syllabus, lesson plans, enter grades, and our websites.

This is the colorful schedule that I will be following for the whole year. Busy eh? 🙂

Class Schedule

and if you wanna see the class websites we created just click on the pictures below:



Yes, I use Godoy as my last name now and it still feels new to me that everyone calls me Mrs. Godoy.

Last Sunday, we were able to hear the testimonies of missionaries Tomo and Ceny Hirahara in our church. They are on furlough and we were able to catch up with them over lunch. It was so nice to hear the stories of how God is working in their lives and the lives of people in Thailand.

We also got to see Brian’s parents! Such a great reunion.

Brian's parents

Two weeks ago, we were able to move into our new apartment, and God has blessed us with a beautiful view!

View from the house

One of the great highlights of being able to move to our new apartment is to be able to receive guests.

Our first guests were our beloved friends Julie, Justin and Noah!


Our relationship goes back to seminary times . I remember the fun time I had babysitting Justin when he was still a baby, so it is such a blessing to be reunited, living and serving the Lord together on the same place.

Last Sunday, we got to have our new Japanese friends come over for some Wii time! We believe the Lord brings people into our lives for a purpose, and we praise the Lord for the relationships He is helping us make.


Japanese Friends

We are grateful for the people God has surrounded us with. They are a great help in terms of getting accustomed with the culture and place. We still have a lot of learning to do, especially now that I drive to go to places. I am especially grateful for Google Translate and Google maps.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 6.23.52 PM

These sites have been extremely helpful in showing me how to get to the church, stores, and even to Naha City, my first “amazing race,” searching for the Korean consulate in Okinawa!

Since Japan is known for their vending machines and coin slots, It was amazing to park in Naha and pay for it by coin slots.


I do need a lot of prayers on my driving skills here. This is a right-hand drive country, and as you can see, Anderson took a great photo of my amateur parking. I am getting my practice, but I do confess I get scared still sometimes. I have to make sure I am on the left side of the road, not the right side of the road. :p


We are so happy to be able to visit the Nazarene Church in Naha:

Nazarene Church

and meet all the Nazarene pastors in Okinawa.


We joined their pastors’ meeting, and although I could not understand anything yet, I am glad I studied Hiragana and Katakana before coming here, so I was able to sing along with them when they sang this hymn:Hymn

Of course, I did not understand the lyrics except the word Iesu, which is Jesus. 🙂

Yep I get a lot of guessing games these days buying food at the grocery store, and even with my laundry:


We thank the Lord for the rest he has given us before the busyness starts. We thank Him for the places that He allowed us to see in this beautiful island.

So these are our updates for now. Everything looks calm as of the moment, but we do see busy days ahead.

Prayer requests:

1. Please pray for wisdom as we prepare for our classes and the ministry God has given us here in the school and church.

2. Please pray for good health and protection as we travel around the island.

3. Please pray for time management skills as we make our relationship with the Lord a priority in the midst of the demands of work and ministry.

4. Please pray for us as we continue to adjust to the culture, learn the language, and build relationships.

We thank you for your prayers, time, and for your love and friendship!

Now, how can we pray for you?

If you wish to partner with us, please click here.


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  1. Brian Woolery says:

    You guys are doing awesome! We’re so excited God has brought you guys here to Okinawa!!

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