First Week in Okinawa

It has been a week since we left the Philippines and we thank the Lord for bringing us safely here. Let me share with you the restful week we have enjoyed.

Thank you for the prayers. Our flight was a bit bumpy because of the typhoon coming to Okinawa, but we arrived safely and were welcomed by the Woolery boys at the airport. (I really look forward to seeing their mommy Julie, a close friend I have not seen for a long time, but I have to wait until she returns from the States!)

Anderson wanted to fly out of the Philippines on his birthday, so when we got to the house, this awaited him:


We had yummy cakes and our much awaited sleep. We did not sleep the night before our flight, so it was also great to sleep without any appointment waiting for us in the morning!

We just stayed inside the house on Tuesday because the super typhoon came,


and we played board games, and the famous car race introduced to us by the Woolery boys:


It was really fun!

On Wednesday, the rains stopped so we went to Cape Zanpa where we saw the lighthouse near the place where we will live.

We watched the waves crash on the rocks,


we watched the birds perch on the cliff,

IMG_7963 and we enjoyed taking our pictures,


On Thursday, we went to the A&W restaurant and had rootbeer float. This brought me back memories of my childhood.

Then we saw again Junichi, our dear Japanese friend and classmate at APNTS, who also came to Okinawa to join the Japan NYI District Council meeting.

Hiromu, Junichi, Jana

The council invited me and Anderson to dinner and we enjoyed a wonderful shabu-shabu with them.


I had the chance to talk with the Japan NYI District Council and it was really a memorable time of building relationships and getting to know each other. If you could please include in your prayers our ministry to the youth in this country, that would be wonderful!

IMG_8012 IMG_8017

Friday came, and it was a really beautiful day, so we decided to go to the beach.


It has been a while since I got burned under the sun but it was worth it.


I am so thankful that the beaches here are free, they are near so we can just go and swim, and they are really beautiful.


Saturday came and we went to the park to play,


went to watch the waves,

and the sunset.


Then Sunday came and we got to attend service at Keystone Nazarene Church where the Woolerys are pastors.


We got to meet a lot of new people, but we also got to see again our friend Mutsuki who is like my Japanese twin sister because we have many things in common!!! We had a really yummy Indian food for lunch!


I praise the Lord for the rest he is giving us. Our days preparing to come here were stressful ones, and even here Anderson has been working faithfully on his thesis, but His grace sustained us, and now God is recharging us for the new things He wants us to do in this place.

The Lord has been speaking to me this week, and this morning at Sunday School, we talked about Acts 8:26-39. God sent Philip to a mission, and he listened, obeyed, and discovered what God was doing in his life and the life of the Ethiopian eunuch. I know God is doing something similar to us here. God has brought us to this place for a purpose, and we want to continue listening, and obeying to Him.

Would you also like to discover what God is doing around you?
Let us take the time to stop and listen to His word,
and obey when He calls!


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  1. Janary says:

    Reblogged this on BENEATH… and commented:

    We live now in Okinawa, and I have posted some pictures to summarize our first week here! You can also subscribe on this other blog I share with my husband. 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. Faye Medina says:

    Wow! Ate your passion is so inspiring. 🙂 Looks like you’re having lots of fun! Hehe. Praying for you :*

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