Exciting Days!

God is so good and I am so overwhelmed with all the things He has done for us in the past month. Let me share with you some of the highlights of our adventure since God has given us an opportunity to go to Singapore for a Missions Strategy Training.

First, we were so blessed to spend some time with this wonderful couple in Singapore. Marge was my high school classmate and is a very good friend of mine. She lives in Singapore now with his husband Marvin. It was so nice to see them again.

Marge and Marvin

Anderson and I are so grateful for their hospitality and even for giving us a chance to go to Universal Studios! Such a wonderful gift!

Universal Studios Singapore

It was heaps of fun! Not only that, they also gave us tickets to Singapore Zoo where I saw many different animals for the first time such as the white tiger,


and the polar bear swimming.


We even met new friends and even new partners in the ministry.


We are truly blessed. Thank you!

Singapore Zoo

Before our training started we got to go around Sentosa and experience Singapore a lil bit.


There are so many good things to say about our experience and about Singapore. But the highlight of this week was to meet these wonderful people and to learn so many things with them.


We thank the Lord for all the exciting things He is showing us. Could you please include us in your prayers as we seek God’s guidance on where he wants us to go next after Anderson finishes his time in the seminary? We need your prayers!


After that trip, God has graciously provided, so we were able to raise the money that is needed to bring Anderson’s mom to the Philippines. And last Saturday, she was finally able to join my parents in Washington.

Left: Jana’s mom Right: Anderson’s mom

Thank you for all of your help and prayers. Anderson’s mom told us that God must have placed angels on the way from the time she left Colombia, through New York and then Seattle. I am amazed at how God works wonders in our lives. All things are possible with our Lord!

I am happy that God has given Anderson’s mom a way to join my parents for a couple of days in the States. At first, we did not even think that she would be able to come to the Philippines, or even get a transit visa through the States, but our God who gives all the wonderful blessings surprised us with so much more.

While language could be a great barrier, it was interesting to see how our parents tried their best to express themselves with each other. Yesterday, while we were Skyping, Anderson and I watched my parents trying hard with their Spanish. Fun fun! Thanks to Google Translate that has helped them tons, and some of the Spanish lessons my parents took back in high school. LOL!

Skype brings us all together through the distance

Time is going by so fast and soon they would all be coming to the Philippines together.
Exciting days indeed!

God is good all the time…
He puts a song of praise in this heart of mine!

3 days to go before we see our parents
 and 12 days to go before the big day.

Please continue to pray for us
as we do our final preparations
Thank You 🙂


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  1. jema ;) says:

    Truly is a blessing Ate Jana and Kuya Ander!!! God is indeed faithful in everything! So excited to meet your family with you all together especially with your wedding together! T H I S I S I T ! ! ! ! ! =D

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