Save the Date! ¡Se Viene el Día!

I have been sending our Save the Date card online since the 1st of August, and I am happy to say that I am slowly accomplishing my goals for this week. Anderson and I have 88 days to go before our wedding day and I am glad that things are slowly falling into place.

It is funny how we started so late with the preparations, but I am glad that Anderson always reminds me how we want our wedding to be a simple but memorable one; that this should be a fun, and exciting process than a stress-filled one.

So I am putting that smile on my face as I let you see what our Save the Date Card looks like in English:

Save the Date FINAL

and in Spanish:

Save the date Spanish

yup, those are our fingerprints
and yes, we are an intercultural couple like that! 😉


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